Vows including Children

Vows for children

Sharing wedding vows with children will do these things for your marriage and family:

1. You will make the children feel “significant” — that they are a real part of your life and the new home, not just on the sideline. This is SO IMPORTANT to get all members of your family started off in the right mindset. The sooner you create the right atmosphere, the better.

2. The attention that you give them during the vows will let them know that they are important to you, and to your new family.

3. You will become more aware of their presence in your home, and of your responsibility toward them.

4. You will enhance the relationship between you and your spouse. When you embrace your spouse’s children in this way, you embrace your spouse more completely.

Please include your children in your wedding ceremony vows including children can create the perfect start for your wedding and your family.

As part of the family nature of God’s creation we recognize child/children and the significant role him/her/they play in this marriage being celebrated today  Bride/Groom would like to present (ring, necklace, etc.) as a symbol of family unity and in the hope and joy made visible through this marriage.

(have groom/ bride repeat after me)

Not only do I vow to be a good and faithful husband/wife to you,______, but I also vow to be a patient, loving father/mother/parent to _______, ______, and _______, caring for him/her/them and providing for  him/her/them as my own.  I vow to be their strength and their emotional support, loving him/her/them with all my heart from this day forward.

Enjoy your wedding with your family