Where do I get a Florida Marriage License?

Here is State of Florida website for the Clerk of the Court for your county in Florida:


 Be Aware! 3 Day waiting period for Florida residents. Even though couples will get their license immediately, there will be a 3 day period for the license to become valid. This means Florida residents cannot marry until 3 days after receiving their marriage license. No waiting period for non Florida residents!


When can I change my name?

Social Security has a rule that the bride must file an SS-5 form (a new application form showing change of name and /or marital status) within the fiscal year for tax purposes, (The SS-5 form should be filed, even if you are keeping your own name) along with an original proof of marriage. 

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Officiant

Is the officiant available on your wedding date?

Can the officiant travel to your chosen wedding site?

If you don't have a site, can the officiant suggest one or provide a courthouse or meeting room?

What does the officiant charge?

How long has the officiant been performing weddings? Why does he/she do them?

Does the officiant have sample wording/ceremonies/readings to show you?

Will the officiant let you specify ceremony details such as music, readings, and vows? Can you include religious touches if desired?

Is the officiant available for a ceremony rehearsal?

Does the officiant make you comfortable? Does he or she seem genuinely interested in you as a couple? Be sure you like and respect your officiant -- and that the feeling is mutual.